January 20, 2020

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What Will I See On My Bank Statement When My Payment Goes Through?

Back to Frequently Asked Questions Just the initials HRRG will appear on your bank statement.  It may also say ACH (Automated Clearing House) or EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer). Please remember HRRG processes your individually authorized one tim… read more

How Do I Obtain An Itemized Bill For Charges For Physician Services?

Back to Frequently Asked Questions Itemized bills can be obtained either in writing or upon verbal request from an authorized… read more

My Insurance Company Tells Me I Do Not Owe This Balance, What Should I Do?

Back to Frequently Asked Questions Have your insurance company provide an explanation of benefits which can be mailed to HRRG, P.O. Box 459080, Sunrise, FL 33345 or faxed to HRRG Clerical Support at… read more

Why Am I Receiving Another Bill When I Have Already Paid The Hospital?

Back to Frequently Asked Questions The emergency room doctor is an independent contractor and bills separately for services.  In some cases, patients will receive separate bills from the hospital, the emergency room physician, the radiologist, the anesthesiologist,… read more

Why Am I Being Charged So Much When The Doctor Only Saw Me For A Few Minutes?

Back to Frequently Asked Questions The amount of the bill is based upon the level of treatment and/or complexity of service , as opposed to the length of time you were seen by a physician. A physician name may be included on a statement.  This is generally the physician responsible for oversight of the department at the time services wer… read more

I Was Approved For Charity With The Hospital. Why Am I Still Being Billed?

Back to Frequently Asked Questions We represent the physicians, who may or may not accept the charity approval from the hospital.  Please mail a copy of the approval letter to HRRG.  We also suggest calling an HRRG Customer Service Representative to discuss the charity and a potential hardship payment… read more

What Will Appear On My Credit Card Statement When I Get It?

Back to Frequently Asked Questions Your credit card statement will have the payment amount with the name shown as… read more

Why Didn’t I Get A Bill Before My Account Went To A Collection Agency?

Back to Frequently Asked Questions In instances where our client billing company tried to mail a statement, and it was returned, accounts may be transferred to HRRG within 30 days of your service date.  Don’t worry, while your account remains active with us, it is not credit… read more

How Do I Stop The Phone Calls?

Back to Frequently Asked Questions HRRG maintains a do not call list for consumers who request that we stop calling.  You should be aware that stopping calls does not mean your outstanding obligation has been… read more

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